Partnership with Reproductive Center - IVI

Since July 2016, Reproductive Center Innova Invitro collaborates with  IVI  -   the world’s  largest  network of clinics.

 IVI , the largest reproductive center in the world,   integrates  more than 70 clinics in 13 countries. IVI, is an  internationally recognized leader in   infertility treatment and scientific research.   

IVI professionals    are given   the most  prestigious awards in the field of reproductology,    among them  are the most significant 7 awards from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine,    awards from   "The Society of Gynecological Research "  in 2000 and  the award from "Ares Serone" for  the research activities.

  Specialists  of the Clinic, in  partnership with IVI, take an integrated  approach  to the treatment of infertility,   including complex diagnostics and counseling services.

 The Innova Invito Laboratory is led by IVI Embryologist Hector Huete  Ferris and constant quality control is  ensured by IVI-Head office



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