The intrauterine insemination  involves artificial injection of sperm(with a special catheter)  inside a women’s uterus  during the ovulation period.

Insemination is carried out  in a natural (unstimulated) cycle or in a stimulated cycle.

The procedure is painless. Generally it is used   in the following cases  causing the infertility:

  • Minor sperm abnormalities on spermogram
  • Unexplained infertility
  • A female or a male sexual dysfunction
  • Necessity of insemination with donor’s sperm ( in case of azoospermia, severe genetic diseases, etc.)
  • Coitus problem (erectile dysfunction, vaginism, ejaculation problem)

Generally, it is recommended  to perform  muximum six cycles of insemination.  In case of negative results  in vitro Fertilization is indicated.

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