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Innova Invitro

The clinic  of   reproductive health and in vitro fertilization “Innova In Vitro” was established in 2016  in partnership with IVI, the  world’s largest network  of assisted reproduction  clinics.
 Complete diagnostics   and management of all infertility abnormalities   pursuant to proven international standards  is  the  key priority of the clinic. Specialists  of the Clinic, in collaboration with IVI,   take an integrated  approach  to the treatment of infertility   including complex diagnostics and counseling services.

Partnership with Reproductive Center - IVI

IVI Partner

Since July 2016, Reproductive Center Innova Invitro collaborates with  IVI  -   the world’s  largest  network of clinics.

 IVI , the largest reproductive center in the world,   integrates  more than 70 clinics in 13 countries.



Tbilisi, Zurab Anjaparidze I lane N6
Email: info@innovainvitro.ge osidze_k@yahoo.com

Monday-Friday: 10:00-18:00
Appointment: +995 596 232 232